Value-added engineering

We believe in value-added Engineering and Planning. We strive to find the most cost-effective methods to meet our clients need. We are always seeking innovative ways to preserve each client’s financial resources without compromising the integrity and quality of the final product.

price is what you pay. Value is what you get” (Warren Buffett)


PRECISION ENGINEERING DESIGN is a full service Structural Engineering firm. We provide structural engineering service throughout California. With our extensive experience in structural engineering, we can help our clients achieve their strategic business objective by offering a wide range of economically competitive work to meet any schedule, scope of work, or budget. At PRECISION ENGINEERING DESIGN we understand what it takes to add value to clients - a focus on quality and efficiency.
We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients by communicating throughout the entire project life from the initial design concepts through the completion of the construction and the post completion project review.  Our role is to assist and guide our clients in the decision making process and to provide them with unique design solutions that are responsive to their program direction and budget.

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